Looking for a Seattle development property?

Consider this Queen Anne rental income property while establishing entitlements for 6 or 7 unit apt or condo bldg development or town homes.

Great NW Seattle Views

There are steep slope issues, but isn’t that the case with most view properties.

Especially in desirable San Francisco like Queen Anne neighborhood. Seller has a 2005 Geo Tech Report available.

Queen Anne Development

                                   Desirable Queen Anne View Property

Subject properties are currently leased month to month under market value. If you are interested in this investment opportunity please let me know and I can get more info to you.

Topography Map

                                        Subject Property Topography Map

This photo copy will provide quick insight into the project site elevations. Lets talk about this project some more over breakfast or site meeting.

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Victory Lane Brokerage is active member of the pollution reduction society. Our firm strategically collaborates with architects, engineers, manufacturers, land developers and financiers to ensure you a sustainable quality product. Please notify me if you are interested in Eco-development of this nature. Thank you for your review. I personally look forward to answering any inquiries regarding Victory Lane Brokerage real estate investments. I am Victor Hernandez from Victory Lane Brokerage headquartered in Seattle, WA. Have you ever dream about living in a real modern ECO-Community?  What makes this planned community so unique is the cornerstone Victory Lane District Energy design. It is widely known that fluid transfer systems provide an excellent and efficient means of conveying thermal energy derived from solar and Geo-thermal capture. Our design uses an underground piping network to smartly deliver heat to each parcel instead of a fossil fuel line such as oil or gas.

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