Value-Added Collaboration

Team Based Investing Support

Other day at my favorite cafe a young server lamented to me his recent revelation. He said in serious tone how he expected finding a job to be easier with university degree. I told him, “at this stage of the game it is who you know.” He said, yea I don’t know why no one had explained that to me before.” I said to him, “looook! … your network AND your core competency is what makes you indispensable.”

I said to him, “looook! … your network AND your core competency is what makes you indispensable.”

In shifting landscape big and small firms should responsibly work together to provide greater value to their clients. Our competitive business environment has no shortage in regulation or ability to find skilled talent. It is important we work with seasoned professionals with traditional core values.

Core Values

Traditional practices provide greater certainty towards a profitable outcome.

However, referring other firms in any business realm can be risky business. Who is kidding who. We all have HBO style horror stories regarding this subject without doubt.  Still yet, the investors need for a solid wealth management team remains paramount.

The Victory Lane business model is designed to help other fiduciaries serve their clients financial goals.

Many of your clients are buying, selling, refinancing, trading and 1031 exchanging. These transactions require complex financial and feasibility analysis, flawless timing and extensive knowledge of where the rubber meets the road.

Commercial REAL ESTATE Solutions

Value-Assist your clients commercial real estate portfolio. Click here for enlarged view.

We reduced risks inherent that comes from 3rd party referrals by working with the very best and most collaborative entities. In many cases, we can connect more than one entity for scope of work. More importantly, a victory lane team member has:

  • high core competency
  • quality work ethics
  • integrity in dealings
  • collaborative instincts
  • proven track record
  • properly licensed
  • referrals upon request
Video Conferencing w/ MICROSOFT TEAMS

Video Conferencing w/ MICROSOFT TEAMS

Our firm utilizes video conferencing to boost collaboration, productivity and time efficiency, while reducing travel expenses and headaches. MS Teams online platform is current industry standard and basically easy to use. We can help you with set up. Ask us for set up assistance.



Your clients satisfaction is our business.

Please drop me a line at to explore creative avenues of collaboration. Fellow fiduciaries commonly inquire into our development reports, massing studies, property valuations, risk mitigation strategies, tenant negotiations, etc. in commercial real estate and development.

The victory lane business team meets quarterly to discuss joint business dealings, continued education and future prospects. Your interaction is certainly welcomed.






Repositioning is to determine all best uses and selecting the best one. Best use deliberation is actual construction costs necessary to attract desirable new tenants. A keen understanding of markets and clever construction applications is critical for best repositioning efforts.


Industrial is making a comeback in demand, not for manufacturing as much, but rather logistics. Big box distribution companies need large warehouse storage and delivery facilities all across America. Some preferred locations to invest are inside urban cores and near transportation hubs like railroads, airports and shipping docks.


Office is on shaky ground in 2020. Best office investments are in the A plus category with tech companies being the most attractive tenants. Clever repositioning for B minus categories will probably be required to accommodate the newer economy.


Multifamily development is normally in strong demand. Labor and materials are expensive and cover most of your development budget. To determine your investment rate of return you need to consider projected revenues. If you plan on upgrading mechanical and structural systems you must incorporate clever repositioning strategies.

Land Acquisition

Land acquisition is normally the first prelude to development. A forensic study regarding zoning, critical areas, soil conditions, etc. is necessary to ensure project compatibility.