Victory Lane Brokerage Services

Investors are empowered onto the Victory Lane with a wide variety of services.

  • Sales and leasing of land, multifamily, retail, office, industrial, agricultural and medical properties
  • Business sales, acquisitions and mergers
  • Advisory, negotiations and transaction services
  • Property management
  • Project management and liaison to municipalities, architects, engineers, construction trades and financial institutions
  • Investment, lease and development analysis reports
  • Long-term discount cash flow analysis reports
  • Alternative, green-energies feasibility reports

Commercial Real Estate



1031 Exchange

Sell above market price to alternative energy real estate group

Explore the many benefits where proper real estate practices and sound engineering makes for an excellent exit, sale strategy. If you are interested in selling your building for profit and anxious to combat CO2 pollution please call 206-245-0159 and or email for a forthright exploratory conversation.

We acquire, finance, design, permit, develop, reposition, and operate commercial, multi-family, and new properties.


Repositioning is to determine all best uses and selecting the best one. Best use deliberation is actual construction costs necessary to attract desirable new tenants. A keen understanding of markets and clever construction applications is critical for best repositioning efforts.


Industrial is making a comeback in demand, not for manufacturing as much, but rather logistics. Big box distribution companies need large warehouse storage and delivery facilities all across America. Some preferred locations to invest are inside urban cores and near transportation hubs like railroads, airports and shipping docks.


Office is on shaky ground in 2020. Best office investments are in the A plus category with tech companies being the most attractive tenants. Clever repositioning for B minus categories will probably be required to accommodate the newer economy.


Multifamily development is normally in strong demand. Labor and materials are expensive and cover most of your development budget. To determine your investment rate of return you need to consider projected revenues. If you plan on upgrading mechanical and structural systems you must incorporate clever repositioning strategies.

Land Acquisition

Land acquisition is normally the first prelude to development. A forensic study regarding zoning, critical areas, soil conditions, etc. is necessary to ensure project compatibility.