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Seattle, WA – May 16, 2024 – Victory Lane Brokerage, a key player in Seattle’s commercial real estate scene, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its latest mid-rise development endeavor in the vibrant Northgate area. The project, known as Northgate 100, marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the lifestyle apartment offerings in the region.

Envisioned as a progressive development, Northgate 100 proposes 80 residential units and 2 retail stores, with potential for further expansion to accommodate 90 units and 75 parking spaces, pending permit adjustments. Originally conceived as a modular construction project, Victory Lane Brokerage meticulously navigated the planning and negotiation phases to bring this vision to fruition. While the construction method is still pending finalization, the team’s dedication to excellence remains unwavering, promising outstanding results for the community.

Collaborating with esteemed modular architects JacksonMain, Northgate 100 is poised to set new standards in cost-effective construction and rapid occupancy timelines. With a focus on modular mechanics, this expert team brings invaluable expertise to the project, ensuring its success.

Victor J. Hernandez, Owner of Victory Lane Brokerage, emphasizes the significance of modular mechanics in shaping the future of development. “I believe the future of nearly any type of development use will be dominated by modular mechanics and construction. It is a high core competency, high-performance field, but the long-term growth potential is undeniable,” says Hernandez.

The site of Northgate 100 currently hosts two leased buildings, generating significant monthly revenues. With innovative parking solutions and a prime location under coveted zoning, Northgate 100 promises to be a high-profile, cutting-edge addition to the urban landscape.

As Victory Lane Brokerage celebrates this successful project, the company remains dedicated to promoting efficient mid-rise developments in King and Snohomish counties.

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Victor J. Hernandez, CIPE, CPD, CNE
Owner, Victory Lane Brokerage