Secured Tenancy

   Tenant Secured Commercial Real Estate Investments

Victory Lane “tenants in tow” program matches businesses with real estate investors for healthy symbiotic relationships. The investor/landlord has organic risk mitigation from high vacancy. The business/entrepreneur achieves a secured lease to grow sales while delineating the need for major acquisition or extensive research for new location.


Our program matches the investor with the entrepreneur to find the right investment vehicle.  These strategic matches normally become long-lasting relations when all sails are in the same direction.

Landlords & Tenants

Investors & Entrepreneurs

How you can participate in the Tenants in Tow program is simple. Just contact us at 206-245-0159 – and provide us with details regarding your present and desired strategy.  

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Investors interested in retail, tech and industrial markets can hedge against long term vacancies with our program. We research stabilized business models to become tenant groups for investors to collaborate.

Together, we lay in course headings so all sails are in the same direction.

Good research, negotiations and observing zoning changes can yield cashflows and appreciation while reducing risk. In commercial real estate, the value of the property is predicated by tenant payment history and scheduled incremental increases.

Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance

For the tenant/entrepreneur; market value payments and triple net leases (NNN) needs to be sustainable. Owner or private management needs to be friendly and supportive. A mismatch of expectations between parties usually leads to troubled relations.

At Victory Lane Brokerage we believe associating with interesting, kind, knowledgeable and energetic people will allow for sustainable growth.

Business Strategy

      Collaborative Design

Have you completed or are you in a similar business arrangement? If so please share a comment below. Your insights are valuable to all readers searching for knowledgeable advice.

Investor and entrepreneur have much to gain in the tenant in tow arrangement. Interested parties can contact Victory Lane at  206-245-0159  –